BND Unlimited was born in 2006 as a result of passion and enthusiasm for tailored empowerment. Until our appearance on the market, most of the electronics of reputed brands were highly rigid in terms of the range of mechanical components that could be installed.

Advancing in the race for being the most powerful was full of obstacles.

A response to the need for custom electronics developed from scratch for each vehicle, adapted to local needs, was mandatory.

The stage of adapting the software to the hardware began!


Passenger cars

We put at your disposal the necessary technology and professionalism so that you can reprogram your car optimizing its parameters: INCREASE IN POWER AND PAIR while maintaining RELIABILITY, CONSUMPTION REDUCTION, or EXTREME POTENTIALS.



When the performance has to be maximized, the adjustments have to be millimetric and there is no room for error. Therefore, we offer you a highly qualified team and the most modern equipment to monitor all parameters during development.



Either TRUCK or AGRICULTURAL VEHICLE, reducing costs through increasing performance and / or lowering consumption is a basic premise, maintaining absolute reliability.



If you are an engine enthusiast and need to make mechanical modifications, we can help you by offering you the best brands of components on the market.